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Investment Property Tutorial

Would you like to let other people help maintain your home expenses? Would you enjoy spending time each year in beautiful Englewood, with its unspoiled beaches, warm tropical breezes and peaceful lifestyle? Or, would you like to make this tropical paradise your retirement home? Investment property is a great way of achieving this dream without a huge upfront cash outlay on your part. There are many reasons that you would want to own a home on Florida's Gulf Coast. The beauty combined with a low cost of living make Englewood an ideal place to visit and live. In fact, many of our visitors return to make their permanent home in beautiful Englewood.

Englewood is said to be one of Florida's best kept secrets. This means that the cost of living is low and that property is still affordable. Don't miss this chance to get onto the ground floor before Englewood follows the pattern of other coastal towns and becomes affordable only for the "rich and famous". When you combine the benefits of owning vacation investment property with the turnkey service available only thru Gulf Key Properties you have a real winner. 

Benefits of Investment Property

Investment property can provide both tangible and intangible benefits. Many people enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that they don't have to worry about planning a vacation each year. They can simply return to their own home, with their own things and enjoy their familiar surroundings. Other people like to know they have planned for their retirement, with a beautiful home in a tropical paradise.

1. Leverage Your Cash.

You can buy a rental property with a small down payment. In fact, it is still affordable to buy and furnish a new or previously owned home.

2. Current Income.

Allow vacation renters to offset a portion of your annual expenses through short-term, long term, annual or seasonal vacation rentals. The sub-tropical climate in Englewood makes it an ideal year-round vacation destination.

3. Enjoy Property Appreciation.

Florida housing prices continue to increase, with coastal towns enjoying the fastest appreciation. If this trend continues your investment property will become more valuable with time. Combine this general trend with the relative "value" in the Englewood area and you have a great long-term investment opportunity. This continued property appreciation would then allow you to cash out in the future with a nice capital gain. Or, you can choose to pass the property on to your heirs to keep this asset within your family.

Why Pick Gulf Key Properties?

1. Experience.

Whether you are from the USA or another country, you'll want someone honest and forthright that you can trust to look after your investment. We can provide referrals from our current homeowners who can attest to our reliability, honesty, and hard work ethic.

2. Turnkey Service.

In short, Gulf Key Properties is uniquely positioned to provide complete turnkey service. We can help you pick out a location and direct you to the right people for a land purchase. We also have an alliance with top quality, local and national professional home builder, to build custom homes on any lot you choose. We also enjoy a working relationship with an extremely qualified interior decorating company so you can completely furnish your home with exquisite amenities. Finally, our property management service will help look after your home while you are away.

3. Commitment to Customer Service.

We are passionate about customer service. We understand the importance of long-term relationships and will do everything in our power to make your total experience a satisfactory one. We are very proud to say that many of our rental clients return year after year. In today's society of short term attitudes isn't it satisfying to know that our company is one that will look after for years to come?